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Art @ Stifel Loppet Cup

We are proud to bring an immersive art experience for all that attend the 2024 Stifel Loppet Cup. Click through below to see the different art experiences available throughout the weekend in the beautiful Theodore Wirth Park and learn more about the amazing artists that have made it happen!

Check the map to see where to find each installation or click the button below to see the full resolution map.

Kate Fisher - Loppet Cup Awards

Kate Fisher

The Loppet Cup athlete awards visually express the uniqueness of Theo Wirth Park’s spectacular nature crowned by the Minneapolis skyline. To honor nature and our connection to the land, I acknowledge the original stewards of the Očhéthi Šakówiᶇ territory: the Dakhóta (Eastern Dakota), Dakȟóta (Western Dakota), and The Lakȟótiyapi (Lakota). Through this work and my work at the Loppet Foundation, I aim to be a steward that ensures those who have been historically and continue to be excluded, have access to the land and the magic of nature. These plates share and honor the practice of the Mingei, or the art of everyday beauty / art for the people, that has captivated the ceramics community of Minnesota and imbued our region. The plates are a celebration of the athlete’s work, our region’s landscape, and artistic history – crafted into an object intended to be enjoyed in use or rest with function always in view.

Kate Fisher is an artist, educator, mother, and story collector who is interested in how handmade objects create connections, both implicit and explicit, between humans. She is a recipient of a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Grant (2015). Fisher’s work was included in the national traveling exhibition Crowns: Crossing into Motherhood, which concluded with a stop at the Canton Museum of Art (2019-2020). Most recently, her work was included in the book, The Anatomy of a Good Pot, by author and scientist, Ryan Coppage PhD. Kate was an American Craft Council Emerging Artist at their St. Paul show (2022) and was also curated into their Online Artists Directory.

A born and raised Midwesterner, Fisher holds deep passions for endurance sports and creative endeavors – viewing both as a craft capable of cultivating community and change while offering the opportunity to explore creative problem-solving and risk-taking skills. A life long solo-sport lover, when she is not at work or in the studio she can be found biking, running, skiing, coaching, or enjoying the roads and trails. Kate Fisher lives in the Twin Cities with her partner, children, and a Boston Terrier named Gatsby. @fisherclay

Peter Haakon Thompson - Flags

Peter Haakon Thompson

Look for Flags for the Loppet Cup along the walk to the upper stadium and inside the Trailhead. Artist Peter Haakon Thompson engaged fans in designing flags that represent what they find important about Theodore Wirth Park and Loppet Foundation. Peter’s primary media are participation, interaction and conversation.

Decode the flag symbols

Workshop on Wheels - Metal Casting

Sarah Hanson 

Check out Sara Hanson’s Metal Casting Workshop on Wheels, where visitors can make a small Loppet-themed metal sculpture as a souvenir, pocket toy, or pendant. Ages 5+. Workshop on Wheels will be in the Family Fun Zone on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am 1:30pm. Sara Strives to make the creative process visible and accessible to all.

Third Daughter Restless Daughter - Art Installation

Wone and Youa Vang

Youa and Wone Yang ccreated Third Daughter, Restless Daughterin response to their grandmother’s Hmong embroidery. The most important constants to their art is the hard work and integrity that they put into every project, and it’s their dedication and passion that makes their craft stand out. View their art installation along the fence on Theodore Wirth Parkway.

Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre - Puppetry

Heart of the Beast

The roving puppet performances of Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre will be led by Steve Ackerman.This community of artists creates magic with puppets large and small—monstrous, beautiful, silly, human, plant, and animal puppets that tell stories to represent the world as it is and as we dream it could be. Look for wandering puppet performances on Saturday And Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and on Monday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Andrea McAdoo - Wood Frame Artwork "Hygge"

Andrea McAdoo
Spectators and visitors to Theodore Wirth Park should look for Hygge, by artist Andrea McAdoo, displayed in a wood frame adjacent to the Trailhead.


Fawzia Khan - Bronze Birds in the Trailhead

Fawzia Khan

Fawzia Khan is a multidisciplinary artist who creates socially conscious artwork. She is interested in what unites us. “To see the “other’s” point of view acknowledges our common humanity and creates an opportunity for empathy and resolution,” she says. She is concerned with issues of marginalization, gender inequities, and the balance between safety and freedom. Khan created “Plan B,” the birds hanging from the ceiling with “parachutes,” during the second Gulf War, as a commentary on the inadequacy of the equipment supplied to US troops. The birds installed on the birch logs have been repurposed to remind us we share this planet with other life forms. The logs were found during the artist’s run through Wirth Park. Visitors to Wirth Park may see “Plan B” in the Trailhead through March 2024.

Juxtaposition/Contemporary Arts Lab - Art Installation on Course

Juxtaposition/Contemporary Art Lab

Juxtaposition Arts is a nonprofit youth art and design education center in North Minneapolis. Their mission is to develop community by engaging and employing young urban artists in hands-on education that creates pathways to self-sufficiency while actualizing creative power. JXTA’s gallery, retail shop and artist studios are staffed by teens. Teaching artists and youth apprentices in JXTA’s Contemporary Art Lab designed, fabricated, and placed a contemporary, colorful fabric installation on tree trunks along the course near the Loppet Trailhead.

Anika Hager - Art in The Trailhead

Anika Hager

I’m Anika – Minnesotan, dog mom, avid skier and mountain biker, and lover of all things local. My art business was built on my love for the outdoors and passion for doing what I can for the climate. I strive to use sustainable art supplies and shipping materials whenever possible. I also love to partner with or donate a portion of my sales to local environmental organizations as often as I can. Thank you to the Loppet Foundation for hosting my artwork! @anikahagercreative

Mango Day/Ashley Koudou/Taylan De Johnette - Digital Art Banner

Mango Day

Ashley Koudou and Taylan De Johnette founded the design agency Mango Day in 2023 to help BIPOC creatives and entrepreneurs find solutions to grow their brands authentically. They recognized the gaps in opportunities for growth that are available for BIPOC artists and businesses and have dedicated themselves to uplifting and investing in them to help them grow, develop sustainable income, and build community. Koudou and De Johnette collaborated to produce the colorful mural you’ll see on a storage container that is used for sledding tubes and mountain bikes, right next to the Trailhead. Spectators will have a great view of the mural from several points in the Loppet Cup venue.









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